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Cinema Conversations

Join host Stephen P. Jarchow as he sits down for an up close and personal conversation with some of the most talented and accomplished individuals in the world of motion pictures today. From producers and directors to actors and writers, each interview provides a rare glimpse into the inspiration and perseverance of these talented and accomplished individuals.

Derek and Cameron

Derek and Cameron is the love story of an unconventional gay couple and their extended friends and families. Cameron has been out and proud since he was 15, while Derek never experienced any trace of gay attraction before he met Cameron at age 26.

She's Living for This

She's Living for This provides a unique, modern update on the classic TV variety show standard set by the likes of Sonny & Cher, Carol Burnett, and Benny Hill. Each half-hour episode is packed with some of the best-known queer comics and entertainers on the scene, complete with comedy sketches, special guests, musical numbers, short films and more.