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Danny the Manny

    Air Dates:
  • 05.12.2017 @ 08:30am EDT
  • 05.12.2017 @ 08:30pm EDT
  • 05.16.2017 @ 05:30pm EDT
  • 05.17.2017 @ 05:30am EDT
  • 05.20.2017 @ 01:00pm EDT
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Danny the Manny
Year: 2016
CC: Yes
Language: English
Director(s): Mike Roma
Actors: Patrick Reilly, Rebecca Avery, Bradley Bundlie, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Coco Peru

Danny the Manny follows a babysitter named Danny who is struggling to find balance as a queer person dating in his twenties, an actor auditioning in Hollywood, and a babysitter mothering a surly six year-old named Quinn.