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Simon Pearce Wayne VirgoMarc LaurentTom BottAlice Payne

Cal (Wayne Virgo), a sexy 18-year-old gang member, has a life of drugs, online sex hookups, random acts of violence and his big gay secret. As the film begins, Cal hooks up violently with an anonymous stranger that temporarily satisfies his cravings, but fails to quell lust for his best friend, Jonno (Tom Bott). Nessa (Alice Payne), their twisted, foul-mouthed and controlling gang leader, suspects there is something going on between them but she can't put her finger on it and tries to split the two buddies apart. Cal is drifting apart from the gang as his gay self emerges. Using horrible violent force, the gang mugs a young cutie Olivier (Marc Laurent). Cal decides to make his break from the gang official by trying to restrain them so that Oliver can escape. Ignoring Nessa's fierce taunts, Cal chases after Olivier and takes him to safety. The two young men together plot a revenge scheme, which then turns quickly to lust and then love.