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Beyond Borders: Antarctica

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Beyond Borders: Antarctica
Year: 2008
CC: Subtitled
Language: Hebrew
Director(s): Yair Hochner
Actors: Tomer Ilan, Lucy Dubinchik, Guy Zoaretz, Liat Ekta, Yiftach Mizrahi

Director Yair Hochner gives us a wacky comedy that ignores politics altogether while focusing on its characters' domestic and romantic problems. And no one has more problems than gay siblings Shirley and Omer. Omer is almost thirty and still hasn't found himself--or the man of his dreams. A series of disastrous blind dates hasn't helped. Shirley is a little younger and has already nabbed her dream woman, Michal, owner of the hippest café in town (and Shirley's boss). But the thought of settling down scares Shirley, who wonders if she's ready to give up her long-held plan of traveling to Antarctica. As the siblings sort through their feelings and prepare for adulthood, friends and relatives chime in with their advice and problems of their own.