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Beyond Borders: Domain

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Beyond Borders: Domain
Year: 2009
CC: Subtitled
Language: French
Director(s): Patric Chiha
Actors: beatrice dalle, Isaïe Sultan, Alaine Libolt, Raphaël Bouvet, Sylvia Rohrer

On the threshold of adulthood, 17-year-old Pierre becomes obsessed with his aunt Nadia (Beatrice Dalle). A flamboyant mathematician whose intellect clashes with her alcoholism and fatalistic view of life, Nadia is on a path to self-destruction. As Pierre discovers his budding sexuality, he attempts to rescue his beloved aunt from herself. DOMAIN is a dark, sexy mediation on the intersection of two lives with very different trajectories. Featuring intelligent discourse and Hitchcockian references, filmmaker John Waters declared "you'll be left breathless by the sheer elegance of this astonishing workout."