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Beyond Borders: Summer Storm

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Beyond Borders: Summer Storm
Year: 2004
CC: Subtitled
Language: German
Director(s): marco kreuzpaintner
Actors: robert stadlober, kostja ullmann, alicja bachleda, miriam morgenstern, jürgen tonkel

Tobi and Achim, who are best friends and stars of their local crew team, arrive for the big regatta in Germany convinced that nothing will break their friendship or their chances for a win. But when Achim gets wrapped up in his girlfriend, Tobi finds that he is growing jealous of the new woman in their lives. For the first time, Tobi questions the true background of their relationship. He becomes even more confused when the gay team from Berlin arrives and he starts to uncover truths about his sexuality he hadn't realized were there. Tensions grow with the same speed and ferocity as the summer storm that is approaching and threatening to spoil the competition.