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Beyond Borders: Twisted Romance

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Beyond Borders: Twisted Romance
Year: 2008
CC: Subtitled
Language: Spanish
Director(s): José Campusano
Actors: Oscar Génova, Nehuén Zapata, Marisa Pájaro

Roberto is a brooding teen living with his family in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. In the midst of his boredom, he begins a relationship with Raúl, an older, divorced man with a dark past. In spite of Raúl's violent sexual behavior, Roberto continues to see him, and the two form a bizarre relationship. But the romance takes an even darker turn when Roberto meets another young man named César, with whom he has a brief fling. Overcome with jealousy, Raúl turns even more possessive and abusive towards Roberto and shows that his brutality can go further than Roberto might have ever imagined...perhaps even to the point of murder.