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Beyond Borders: Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

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Beyond Borders: Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
Year: 2002
CC: Subtitled
Language: Dutch
Director(s): pieter kramer
Actors: loes luca, paul kooij, tjitske reidinga, waldemar torenstra, paul de leeuw

Yes Nurse! No Nurse! is a fantasy musical recounting the adventures of Nurse Klivia and the residents of her rest home. Their nasty landlord and next-door neighbor Mr. Boordevol is exasperated by their noisy goings-on and eager to have them evicted. The home acquires a new resident, Gerrit, a compulsive burglar in love with pretty Jet and trying to reform, and a new neighbor, the hairdresser Wouter, who seems to have some connection with Boordevol's past. When Boordevol's house is burgled, suspicion at once falls on Gerrit, giving Boordevol the perfect excuse to have the rest home closed down for good. Things look even worse when Gerrit is proved innocent and Nurse Klivia herself becomes the prime suspect.