Below is a list of answers to the most common questions we receive.

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What is Here TV?

The Here TV App is a subscription-based video streaming service featuring the largest LGBT library with hundreds of hours of award-winning movies, series, documentaries and short films!

New movies are added to the service every week!

How do I get Here TV?

There are now many exciting ways to watch Here TV!

  • Mobile: Download the Here TV App and watch anywhere, anytime!
    • Apple Store iOS for use with your iPhone and iPad.
    • Google Play for use on all Android devices
  • TV: Connect with your TV devices and watch Here TV in HD on the big screen!
    • Apple TV
    • Roku
    • Amazon Fire
  • Web: Have access to all the videos and access your account details and controls at www.here.tv

How do I sign in?

1. Open the Here TV app or visit www.here.tv on your computer.

2. Choose LOGIN

3. Enter your Here TV User Name / email address and password and select LOGIN.

What is my User Name?

Your User Name is the email address used upon sign-up and registration.

If logging in via Facebook, your User Name is the same email address used to login to to your Facebook account.

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, please use the following link:


*Please remember that passwords are a maximum of 8-characters and are case-sensitive.

Yes, the Here TV streaming service is available outside the US. However, not every title is available worldwide due to some restrictions set by the distributors and producers. 

To assist our viewers, we have created a folder for all mobile devices called “Worldwide” which puts all the Worldwide available titles titles into a single folder:


In addition, ALL Latest News powered by The Advocate, OUT and Pride is available worldwide as well.

Can I stream outside the US?

What do I need to stream Here TV?

To stream Here TV, you need the following:

    • A high-speed internet connection

    • A Here TV streaming subscription

    • The Here TV app or a computer internet browser (www.here.tv)

    ** A Cable provider is not necessary.

To watch Here TV on a TV, please use one of the following devices:

    • Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick

    • Apple TV (generation 4 and above)

    • Roku

 **We do not currently offer any Smart TV apps.

What do I need to watch on a TV?

Do you support Closed-Captioning?

Yes, all of our content is closed-captioned.

We recommend a minimum download speed of 3.0 Mbps or higher for High Definition videos to ensure optimal playback.

What is the minimum internet speed necessary to stream?

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Yes, the Here TV app supports two (2) concurrent streams at once within your household.

Can I stream on more than one device at once?

No, the Here TV app does not currently offer streaming in 4K resolution.

Can I stream in 4K?

Yes, you can stream Here TV on any compatible Android and iOs mobile devices -- phones, tablets and laptops.

Can I stream on mobile devices?

The Here TV app is designed to work on on Apple TVs 4th generation and above.

Which Apple TVs are supported?

We recommend using a Roku 3 and above to maximize your viewing experience.

Which Roku devices are supported?

No, the Here TV app does not currently support AirPlay.

Does AirPlay work with Here TV?

Yes, please follow these steps in order to use the Chromecast device with Here TV app:

1. Sign into Here TV app with your user name and password.

2. Open the menu with the tab on the left side.

3. Press the Chromecast icon.

4. Drag the phone icon to the required Chromecast.

5. Play any content and swipe 2 fingers up on the playing media to watch it on your Chromecast device.

**Please note, Chromecast is currently compatible with Android devices only.

Does Chromecast work with Here TV?

To manage your devices, please login to your account at www.here.tv

• In the upper righthand corner, click on YOUR ACCOUNT.

On the next screen you will see a tab for DEVICES — this is where you can remove devices. You are allowed a maximum of eight (8) devices per account.

**Please note, you can only remove a device once a day for security purposes.

How do I manage my devices?

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No, the Here TV channel that is offered as part of a cable television subscription is a different service than the Here TV app and the accounts are not interchangeable and incur separate costs. They do, however, reference the exact same media library so you will not miss out on any of content.

If I subscribe to Here TV with my cable provider, does it include free access to the app?

How much does the subscription cost?

The Here TV streaming app is offered at either a Monthly subscription fee of $7.99 / month or a discounted Annual subscription fee of $67.99 / year.

You will be charged monthly or annually by your subscription provider on the day that you originally signed up.

There is no obligation, cancel at any time.

Your subscription to the Here TV streaming service includes unlimited access to our entire library of content.

You may browse the library before signing up at www.here.tv for free!

In addition, you may watch any of our FREEVIEW titles without a paid subscription to see if you enjoy the service and to test the app with your set-up before making a payment.

What does the subscription include?

How often are new titles released?

New titles are added to the service every week!

To cancel your subscription via the web, please navigate to www.here.tv and login with your user credentials.

  • Navigate to the upper-right corner of the screen and select YOUR ACCOUNT

  • Select PAYMENT

  • You may cancel in the section labeled YOUR SUBSCRIPTION


You may also cancel your subscription via a device:

  • If using an iOS device, you can manage your subscriptions in the settings of the device:

How to manage iOS subscriptions

  • If using an Android device, you can manage your subscriptions in the settings of the device:

How to manage Android subscriptions

  • If using a Roku device, you can manage your subscriptions in the settings of the device:

How to manage Roku channel subscriptions

  • If subscribed via Amazon channels, you can manage your subscriptions in the Amazon settings as instructed here:

How to manage Amazon Prime channel subscriptions

There is no obligation, you may cancel at any time!

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I reach customer support?

You may contact customer service by emailing [email protected].

Please allow up to two (2) business days days for a response.