Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere | HereTV

Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

    Air Dates:
  • 07.28.2017 @ 04:00pm EDT
  • 07.29.2017 @ 04:00am EDT
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Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere
Year: 2014
CC: Yes
Language: English
Director(s): Dave Jannetta
Actors: Poe Ballantine, Cristina Hughes, Karl Dailey, Loren Zimmerman, Phil Cary

In 2006, Steven Haataja, a brilliant mathematics professor in the isolated community of Chadron, Nebraska, disappears without a trace. When his body is discovered three months later, bound to a tree and burned beyond recognition, the cause of death sends the community reeling with questions, conspiracy theories and misplaced suspicions. As the unusual cast of characters inhabiting the town weighs in on Haataja's final days, a vortex of esoteric theories, tawdry innuendos and illogical scenarios unravel. Gifted and iconoclastic author Poe Ballantine, whose acclaimed memoir inspired the film, leads us through the maze, offering insights into Chadron and his own life of wanderlust.