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Making the Boys

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  • 10.22.2017 @ 12:30pm EDT
  • 10.23.2017 @ 12:30am EDT
  • 10.26.2017 @ 06:00am EDT
  • 10.26.2017 @ 06:00pm EDT
  • 10.30.2017 @ 03:30pm EDT
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Making the Boys
Year: 2011
CC: Yes
Language: English
Director(s): Crayton Robey
Actors: Edward Albee, mart crowley, Dominick Dunne, William Friedkin, carson kressley

Before Prop 8, "Will & Grace," AIDS, gay pride or Stonewall, "The Boys in the Band" changed everything. Crayton Robey's "Making the Boys" explores the enduring legacy of the first ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a mainstream audience. Beloved by some for breaking new ground and condemned by others for reinforcing gay stereotypes, "The Boys in the Band" sparked heated controversy that endures to this day. Featuring interviews with its author Mart Crowley, surviving cast members, and a who's who from stage and screen, this enjoyable documentary captures the behind-the-scenes drama and lasting legacy of this cultural milestone.